A well-maintained and beautifully crafted garden not only soothes your aesthetic cravings, and brings you peace of mind, but also provides a charming look to the house. We have realized that gardening is a lot of hard work, but for us, it’s a true labor of love. You dream and we garden it, since we have solution to all your gardening problems, from initial consultations on selections of plants according to the soil and your desires to aftercare guide, whether you wish to re-design your lawn, or design and plant it from scratch or revitalize the beauty of existing plants, we are here to serve.
The staff at plants.pk is trained to provide you the best gardening services of the town including:
1) Garden Care i.e weed control, pest control
2) Landscaping, serving you with the best art and craft of growing plants and creating a beautiful environment within the landscape.
3) Lawn repair and restoration.
4) Trimming and hedging of plants.
5) Garden clean-up.
6) Professional garden design.
7) Lawn mowing

Besides these services, we provide a wide range of plants to decorate the interior of your home as well. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we will deliver the plants at your doorsteps